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Weather Policy

Weather Policy
In Case of Inclement Weather
Those of you with swim season experience are well aware how the afternoon summer storms in our area have always had bad timing when it comes to our evening practices.
Here is the Flyers weather policy that applies to both practices and meets.

  • Predicting thunder and lightning is difficult and we rely on the best available weather information, but YES, there are times when we will make the “wrong” call should the expected stormy weather not appear.  This is unavoidable in the weather guessing game, so we appreciate your understanding on this subject.
  • The safety of our swimmers and their families will be the highest priority, period.
  • Keep in mind for swim meets that weather related decisions have to made early enough to accommodate the traveling team who needs to leave time to get to the meet location.  Therefore, sometimes a cancellation or delay decision will be made that ends up being unnecessary, but I assure you we’ve considered all reasonable and safety-minded options.
  • There will be times that practice will be cancelled even as you arrive to the pool based on the lifeguard’s on-deck observation of thunder and/or lightning.  It is inconvenient, but unavoidable.
  • The pool’s policy is to close completely for 30 minutes after thunder and/or lightning.  So the possibility does exist for late starts and shortened practices and we will do that when possible.  When the pool closes, no one can be inside the pool areas or even in the office so we cluster in front of the doors at times.  Please make sure your child can contact you should they need to leave the pool due to inclement weather.
  • Even just heavy rain can cause a cancellation or delay - pool rules state that the guards must be able to clearly see the bottom of the pool and heavy rain can make the pool murky.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we navigate the weather challenges this season.  If you're unsure about practice, the number at the lifeguard office is 703-378-9880 and we will send out email and Facebook updates as quickly as possible.

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