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Our Team & Philosophy

It's all about the kids!

The Foxfield Flyers participate in the Herndon Swim League and will compete in 7-8 meets throughout the season, including one All League Meet for Champs and All Stars at the end of the season. Please see the season calendar for practice and meet details.

Goals of our summer swim program!
Our mission is to develop proper swimming technique in a fun environment, promote the sport of swimming as part of a healthy lifestyle and provide a quality summer experience for our swimmers and their families. All while promoting good sportsmanship and team spirit and fostering a sense of community among our Flyers families! We like to have fun as much as we like to swim! In addition to daily practices and swim meets, we hope to have several social events to provide fun and team spirit for the children and their families. FUN should be a big part of summer community swim and we look forward to making great memories for our swimmers. Details on these events will be provided at a later date. The end of season awards and party are something we all look forward to!

Swimming is a family sport.
It takes an army of volunteers to make our swim meets run smoothly. With our time trials and home/away meets there are almost 300 volunteer positions that need to be filled during the season. There are always ways to help out so don't be scared! It's fun and there is a position for everyone even if you are brand new to community swim. After all, we do this for our kids and the more we can be involved the more they love it! To put it simply, we need every family to volunteer every week. We appreciate, in advance, your willingness to proactively sign up for positions and to say "Yes!" when asked.

Parent Pledge
Our family pledges to actively volunteer and understands that lack of participation could result in my child being unable to participate in swim meets, Our family pledges to keep it positive and encourage good sportsmanship and team spirit at all meets and practices.

We look forward to a busy and fun-filled summer.
Again, we welcome you to the Foxfield Flyers and thank you in advance for your commitment to the team. We know it will be a GREAT SEASON for our team.


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