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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility requirements?
Any family that has a paid in full, up to date Foxfield HOA Pool Membership and is age 5-18 is eligible to join the team.
Your child must be able to swim at least 5 meters on his/her stomach and back unassisted (without help from another person, fins, kick board, or holding onto the lane line or wall). New swimmers will have an assessment conducted by the head coach.

What if my child can almost make it across the pool, but not the full distance?
If your child can swim at least 5 meters on his/her stomach and back unassisted (without help from another person, fins, kick board, or holding onto the lane line or wall)  and is excited about joining the team, please register your child.  However, the head coach will conduct evaluations during the first week of practice and make recommendations.  If the coach recommends your child wait another year before participating, your registration fee will be refunded.

How long is the summer swim season?
Tuesday May 28th is the first day of evening practices.
Morning practices begin Monday, June 14th.
The first meet is Saturday, June 15th.
The final meet of the season, Champs and All Stars is Saturday, July 20th.

What if my child has a camp or I am a working parent?
We are unable to offer a morning practice any earlier than 7:45 am. and have carefully developed practice times for each age group that we believe will provide the best workout and environment for that age.  
Should this conflict with your child's summer camp, you are welcome (and encouraged!) to make friends with parents who are willing to carpool to camps after practice.  The Foxfield Flyers are committed to a philosophy of inclusion and that we are all in this together - it's likely you can find a helpful parent to assist you occasionally.
Otherwise, you are welcome to reserve private lessons with the coaches or lifeguards at other times during the week (fees subject to their discretion and paid directly to the person giving the lesson).

Where and when will practice be held?
At the Foxfield Community Pool.
Please see the calendar for dates and times for each age group.

Are all practices mandatory?
We understand that some children may have conflicting activities, camps, vacations or other obligations.
Practices are NOT mandatory but highly recommended to get the most out of the summer community swim experience.

What is the volunteer commitment?
We are a small swim team.  To put it simply, we need every family to volunteer at every meet and sometimes for both halves of the meet.  Although there is not an official policy at this time, we ask that if your child is swimming in the meet that you volunteer for at least the half the meet.  We appreciate our volunteers who go above and beyond!  Should parent volunteering become an issue, the Flyers may adopt a formal policy for parent volunteers.

What equipment is needed for practice?
Swimsuit, goggles and caps

What equipment is needed for meets?
Swimsuit, goggles and caps

Where can I get a team swim suit?
The Flyers order our suits from Cassel's Sports and Awards in Chantilly.  More information will be provided closer to the season start.

Can non-Foxfield residents join swim team?
Swim team members must also be members of the pool through the Foxfield HOA.
Therefore, non-residents are NOT eligible to join the Flyers unless they arrange for a paid, pool membership directly with the Foxfield HOA office.  You will need to contact the HOA office for these details.

We are traveling for vacations part of the swim season.  Do you prorate fees?
The Foxfield Flyers are unable to prorate fees due to vacations and/or other conflicts.

What should children wear for practice?
Any recreational suit will be fine for practices.
We recommend your child NOT wear the competition team suit to practices to preserve the suit.
All swimmers should wear goggles.  Swim caps should be worn as needed.

Can I drop my child off for practice?
The Flyers adhere to the Foxfield HOA pool rules.
Children under 11 years of age must be accompanied at the pool by an adult or by a responsible person 14 years or older.  The lifeguards may challenge the qualifications of the responsible party if action warrants it.

Can my other children use the pool during morning practices?
No.  When morning practices start, the main pool AND the baby pool are off limits to anyone other than registered swimmers.  These areas are open once the pool officially opens to the community at 10 a.m.

My children are different ages, can they still be in the same swim group?

This is a coaching decision.  We strongly recommend that your child swim in their appropriate age group practice, but there may be an occasion where a child can participate in a different age group practice due to skill level or a schedule conflict.

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